Lifestyle Pet Keeper: Keeps pets safely inside the garage while you are enjoying the Lifestyle Screen. Prevents pets from damaging retractable door. Available in Black and White. All fasteners included. 

Push Bar Assist Kit: For the “vertically challenged” that need extra height when putting their Lifestyle Screen in the stored position.  Includes push plug and 30” metal pole with rubber tip and rubber handle.

Milano Locksets: Locks the retractable center door of the Lifestyle into position.  Includes top and bottom slide-bolt type locking system. Available in white and black. 

Lifestyle Frame Locks: Slide–bolt style locking pins that are installed into both the left and right hand side outer frame verticals of the Lifestyle Screen. Mill finish.

Touch Up Paint:  For those oops that happen when you least expect it. We have you covered, literally! We have available both spray aerosol and paint pens for touch ups. Colors available: White, Brownstone and Sandstone.         
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